Review: Shot Balowski. A force to be reckoned with at the Source Collective.

We head of to the Source Collective to see Shot Balowski. It’s been a day of recovery after too much spiced rum the night before. I’ve been lethargic all day, I get there for 8 o’clock.  It’s the first gig I’ve attended at which there is a comfy sofa to rest one’s weary bones! It’s like getting a band to play your front room. The support band are Neon Lung and Cosmic Cats, both get on later than I expected. I sit throughout, there’s about 35 people milling around listening.  It’s gone 11 o’clock when Shot Balowski get to the stage. I’ve now been sat for three hours but Shot Balowski were three minutes in when I get my butt out of the seat and jiggle and boogie to the Shot beat! They are straight on it, an infectious energy that gets people dancing and jumping around. They don’t let up, keeping the momentum going throughout the set. They play the songs from the cracking new album, bringing them, and the audience, to life with punchy guitar. I remember thinking that I must get a setlist at the end so that I can write down the songs that were played. With the excitement of my middle-aged Dad dancing I forgot. Sorry. They did play Emily Does, Commander in Cheat, Destroy the Daily Mail and the cover of Redemption song amongst others. It was all great and deserved a bigger audience than the 40 or so attendees. They finished with a cover of the Nirvana song Territorial Pissings. Superb. Shot Balowski are a band that are a cut above, a force to be reckoned with. Treat yourself. Go seem them.

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