Divine Intervention and Indie Street Club at the Vinyl Cafe

Two Carlisle bands were given the opportunity to strut their stuff at The Vinyl Café on Sunday. The evening kicked off with an impressive solo performance by Ryan Davidson. He went through a few songs that showcased his voice and guitar work before he was joined by fellow band members that make up Indie Street Club. The band went through a good set that could have been great had they not suffered constant technical problems. Definitely a band that Clunk will be checking out again.

Indie Street Club

Indie Street Club were followed by Divine Intervention. They went through some of their established songs, mixed in with a few new ones. As at the previous gig Clunk had attended a DI fan or two thought it would be great to start calling for drummer Alex to take his shirt off, this went on for quite a while, somewhat distracting the band in between songs. Joe Lush slowed it all down with the latest single ‘smile’ before getting in and bouncing around in amongst the onlookers and the vinyl in the café. Will Pledge, new bass player, took over singing duties for one song. Divine Intervention head out on tour, dates are in Clunk News Latest.

Divine Intervention