Marblmoon. A message for music lovers.


feed ur creative pals they will become powerful 🥪

so like everyone else in our industry a fuck load of my gigs have been cancelled this year, i have friends that were due to go on tour after album releases n i don’t think our gov understand how catastrophic this is to people who earn a living through performing, the only thing left to do now is listen to ur pals on streaming platforms n spread it world wide so they can ahem pay their rent n carry on making new tunes for u 🔮 i want to use this post to spotlight some cool people doing cool things like @thelotterywinners being in THE TOP FIVE OF THE ALBUM CHARTS & @jordanmackampa finally releasing his beautiful indie boi dream album with songs that make u dance n cry in equal measure 💫 n then there’s the people that are due to release some mind blowing stuff that u aren’t even ready for like @dochertyj20 & @lunarcollegiaband just support ur musicians, when ur in social isolation have a dance party, make a playlist, cover our songs, make up dances, just don’t let the unsigned industry die lol I know I’m being dramatic but we’re all scared look after urself 🧚🏻‍♀️ xo