Pop Quiz Answers from Thursday. By the dynamic duo Clunk quizmasters Geoff and Jude.

1)  The Only Ones.

2)  He was playing the Isle of Wight Festival instead

3)  Electric Ladyland.

4)  2006

5)  Hotel California

6) Paranoid

7)  If a band played a track a couple of times, and the bouncers ( the old greys ) could remember it enough to whistle to, then the track had passed The Old Grey Whistle Test.

8)  The Who

9)  Bruce Springsteen

10) Fine Young Cannibals.

11) His girlfriend was bidding up all the items that he was selling at auction!

12) Billie Eilish

13) They are all albums named after the places they were recorded

14) Joshua Tree

15) Bradley Cooper

16) Dua Lipa

17) Ezra Furman (really, check out the back catalogue if you haven’t heard any – Clunk Jude)

18) Bill Withers

19) The Specials

20) It’s still the Weeknd!