Pop Quiz no.1. Just what you’ve been waiting for! Questions set by the Poptastic Clunk Quizmaster extraordinaire Geoff! Answers on Thursday.

1) Which pop/rock band have appeared on Top of the Pops 87 times?

2) Pulp, The Human League and Heaven 17 were bans of the late 1970’s/ early 1980’s from which English city?

3) Name two Beatles songs that featured parts of the body.

4) Which Dolly Parton songs have spent the longest time in the UK singles charts?

5) Which 59 year old Wildlife expert was in a punk band called ” The Titanic Survivors “?

6) Who is the only ex-Beatle to have written a James Bond theme, and what was that song?

7) Who is the oldest British male singer to have had a number one album?

8) Who was the first British band to have replaced themselves at number one?

9) The Eurythmics had three singles that got to number three in the charts or higher – name them.

10) Which 1980’s British pop band had hits with Mad World, Shout, and Everybody wants to rule the world?

11) The title of which artwork completes the Nat King Cole lyric – ” Do you smile to tempt a lover …….. .?

12) Who is Paul David Hewson better known as?

13) Who was the first Irishman to headline Glastonbury on three separate occasions?

14) Who was the first African American woman to win a Grammy for popular music?

15) Which late Country and Western singer was also a nationally ranked tennis player?

16) Which person, with a connection to popular music in the UK, holds the record for the highest score in Celebrity Mastermind?

17) How many singles by ” The Who ” have reached number one in the UK singles charts?

18) Which English band of the late 1970’s/ early 1980’s had four number one singles, three of which went straight into the charts at number one?

19) Which popular folk song featured four herbs?

20) In 1970 Barry Stoller composed a TV theme tune that became the most successful ever. What was the programme?