Porridge Radio. A bit of news.

Dana of Porridge Radio has kindly taken the time to send a little update to Clunk. Highlights of 2019 for the band was playing the festivals , ‘an amazing experience’. The band have just signed a deal with Secretly Canadian and released a new single ‘Lilac’. There are a few dates confirmed for next year so far but Dana says there are many to be announced.

This is the press release to accompany ‘Lilac’

“I wanted to find some power in powerlessness. I was thinking about love and control and the things out of my control, and how fragile and incapable depression can make you feel. I was thinking about the way you can feel so close to someone that it’s like their body is your body, like there’s no separation between you, but you can’t stop things disintegrating. It’s a song about finding some hope and some future within that.”