The Boomtown Rats. Citizens of Boomtown.

It’s 36 years since the last Boomtown Rats album, that was before Live Aid. If you’re an old Rats fan then you may have been a little nervous about whether the new stuff would be, well, a bit embarrassing to listen to. The good news is that it’s mostly alright. The opener, ‘Trash Glam Baby’ reassures that Bob still sounds like Bob. This and the next track take one back to the glam of the 70s, a bit Bowie, a bit Lou Reed. There’s a good old fashion blues number in ‘She Said No’. Anyway, you don’t want to read a load of boring song by song review words. I’m a Rats fan from my school days in the late 70s and I think it’s okay. Give it a listen, there’s a lot worse places to be than Boomtown on a Saturday afternoon.