The Coffee Break Pop Quiz with Clunk Quizmasters Geoff and Jude

Geoff and Jude……’like walking, nice restaurants, quizzing, good sense of humour’.

1) ” Another girl, another planet ” is probably the astronomers favourite single from 1978, but which English rock band released it ?

2) Bob Dylan never played the original Woodstock festival. What was he doing instead ?

3) ” There must be some kinda way outa here/Said the joker to the thief/There’s too much confusion/I can’t get no relief ” is a Bob Dylan song covered by Jimi Hendrix, but which Hendrix album is it to be found on ?

4) Multiple Choice – when was the first Kendal Calling festival held –

a) 2000    b) 2006  c) 2012.

5) This album, released by this American band in 1976, and the title of the album is also a track on the album. The guitar solo on this track was voted the best guitar solo of all time by the ” Guitarist ” magazine  What was the album ?

6) Which was the first Black Sabbath album to get to number one on the UK album charts ?

7) How did The Old Grey Whistle Test get it’s name ?

8) Who are the only English band to appear in The Rolling Stone Magazine top 10 live albums of all time ?

9) Who wrote the Patti Smith hit    ” Because the Night ” ?

10) Which British band formed in 1984 holds the record for the longest continuous run at the Hollywood Bowl  ?

11) Why was the Happy Mondays’s Bez disqualified from an edition of bargain hunt in 2018?

12) James Bond films have a long and distinguished history of stars performing the soundtrack single. Despite the delay to the release of the film, the song from the most recent movie hit #1 in the UK charts. Who sang it?

13) What links Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard, The Beatles’ Abbey Road, Jake Bugg’s Shangri La and Sonic Youth’s Murray Street?

14) The Arctic Monkeys recorded ‘Suck it and See’ at a recording studio called Rancho De La Luna in the Mojave Desert. Other luminaries who recorded there include Kurt Vile, UNKLE, Eagles of Death Metal, Foo Fighters, PJ Harvey, Iggy Pop and Clunk Dave’s faves Pins. The name of the town where this studio is recorded is also a piece of musical history. What is the name of this town?

15) Lady Gaga dueted with which famous actor on the film ‘A Star is Born’?

16) Which singer’s current hit ‘physical’ is a pastiche of 80s trends, both musically and fashion wise?

17) Which singer (a favourite of 6music’s Marc Riley and Clunk Jude) recorded the soundtrack to the Netflix drama-comedy ‘Sex Education’?

18) During the recent ‘Together at Home’ concert, organised by Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder paid tribute to which star, by covering one of his songs?

19)) Which ‘Two Tone’ band reformed to release and tour their 2019 album ‘Encore’?

20) As with last week…. What is the current UK #1 single?