The Coffee Break Pop Quiz with clunk Quizmasters Geoff ‘n’ Jude. No.6


1) Who were the Four Tops telling to ” to walk away ” in 1967 ? 

2) Who duetted with Marc Almond on the 1989 single ” Somethings gotten hold of my heart ” ?

3) According to the song lyrics which place comes next – London, Birmingham, Carlisle, Dublin, Dundee ……………………………. ?

4)  Name three Liverpool bands of the 1980’s that had the names of animals in their names ?

5) Who was the writer behind these massive singles – ” I’ll never fall in love again “, ” Anyone who had a heart “, ” I say a little prayer “, ” Walk on by ” ?

6) Who was the lead singer of Altered Images ?

7) In the song New England Billy Bragg, and later Kirsty McColl, sang that they did not want to change the world, or were looking for a New England. What were they looking for ? ”  

8) ” Everything must go (2003) ” , ” Gaucho (1980) ” and ” Can’t buy a thrill ” were all major albums buy which American band ?

9) Which ska band released a single whose first four lines were ” It’s just the same old show on my radio “

10) Which Scottish duo first came to prominence when they were signed by The Beatles to write for Apple record artists and went on to have success on their own with singles such as ” Heart on my sleeve ” and ” Breakaway ” .

11) What is the name of the new Rolling Stones single?

12) Which Destiny’s Child song title was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004?

13) Bob Dylan has released two new singles in the last few weeks. The first of these, ‘Murder Most Foul’ is on the topic of the assassination of which political figure?

14) The 7 piece Korean rap/pop band ‘Bangtan Boys’, ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’, ‘Beyond the Scene’ or ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ are most commonly known by which name?

15) What was the name of Amy Winehouse’s first album?

16) A Scottish ‘bagrock’ band’s name takes influence from a traditional instrument of the country, and the performers behind ‘Under the Bridge’ and ‘Californication’. What is the name of the Scottish band?

17) The current number one single is another charity record. Who had the original hit with ‘Times Like These’?

18) Which performer was awarded the freedom of the city after her response to the Manchester Arena bombing?

19) Billie Eilish’s debut album hit number 1 in the US and the UK, as well as many other countries. It contained 8 songs that charted in the UK’s singles charts, including the #2 ‘Bad Guy’. What is the name of this album?

20) The singer of ‘My Boy Lollipop’ died on the 5th of May. What was her name?